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Used Furniture Consignment Tips

There comes a time when we buy new furniture to replace old ones but feel that it would be such a waste to throw the old stuff away. The best solution for this problem is to bring your old furniture to a used furniture consignment shop and make money out of it.

Sort out the furniture that you want to consign. Some furniture that have a lot of damage and missing some parts may not be accepted so separate the ones in good condition from those that are in bad shape. Clean the furniture but make sure to learn the proper cleaning techniques in order not to damage the item. Damage caused to furniture may decrease its value.

Before bringing the items to the shop, it is best to contact the store manager to discuss all the necessary information like the schedule for picking up the items and other special requirements. Let the manager drop by your home to inspect the items to see if they are in good condition. When consigning valuable items, it is up to your judgment to choose the right shop. Make sure that you put everything down on paper so that you don’t have to go through all the hassles.

When you bring your items to the store, make sure that it is at an acceptable time and inform the store in advance that you are going to bring the items in. Some shops may have a waiting list for the space to display your furniture. Ask if there’s a staff that will help you set up and carry your items. When it comes to antiques, do consult an expert before consigning these old valuables.

Take a picture of all your items and list down all the information about it. Tell the store manager anything about the furniture. Give out all information whether it’s good or bad. There should be nothing to hide. If the item is branded, list down the brand name and the manufacturer.

The consignment terms will vary depending on the shop but most stores offer a 50/50 split of the profit from the item and you are usually given 120 days to sell your furniture. Items that have high value or are special are usually given special considerations.

Make sure to talk to the manager about the terms and all so that your will have no problem when consigning your furniture.

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