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Home Consignment Furniture

The furniture in our homes get old and outdated and we have to replace them with new ones but it would be a waste to throw away old furniture especially if they are still in very good condition. We can make money out of these old furniture by consigning them.

Choose the used furniture that you plan to sell and that are still in very good condition. If you have antiques then also include them if you have no plans of keeping them. Antiques are very valuable especially if they are in good condition. You could make a good fortune on centuries old furniture.

Make sure that the furniture are free from dirt and scratches and have no missing parts. Consignment shops usually look for furniture that are in almost perfect condition. Do not clean the furniture yourself if you do not know how to. You may end up destroying the furniture. Antiques will lose their value too if restored wrongly. Go to an expert if you have plans to do so.

Once you have chosen the furniture in your home to consign. Take pictures of all the furniture that you want to sell and write all the information. Place a little description about it. Include the brand names if applicable, artist and manufacturers.
The next step is to look for a shop that specializes in home consignment furniture. Make sure that you get the best deal and always read the rules and the agreement between you and the consignee. A lot of consigners got nothing out of the furniture they sold because they didn’t research that well about the store policy. Also consider the shops reputation. Ask around for people who have already consigned furniture in that shop.

Also consider the location of the shop from your home and if they pick up the furniture or you have to bring in the items yourself. The shop that’s nearer your location is easier for you when you yourself will have to transport the item there. Give the store an advance notice when you are going to drop your furniture and make sure that you bring them in during store hours to avoid all the hassles.

The trick in consigning furniture is that you just have to be very careful since you are putting your trust on the hands of another person. Put down everything in writing just to be sure.

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