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Antique Furniture Consignment: What You Should Know

Through the years we usually buy new furniture to replace the old ones but are left with the question of what to do with the old furniture. The best solution for this is to consign your used and antique furniture. By doing this, you will both earn money and get rid of the clutter in your home. It’s also hassle free since you do not have to open your home to strangers to view the products and there’s no need to advertise nor go through all the difficulties of setting up a yard sale.

In antique furniture consignment, one would be dealing with age old furniture even dating back centuries ago so there are a few things to consider before you start consigning your antique furniture. First of all, you survey all the antique furniture in your home that you plan to consign. Make sure that everything is in very good condition. Over time, some furniture parts have gone missing and others sustain damage due to wear and tear. For example, you have to make sure that a sofa or a bed still has its leg or a painting is free from mildew and torn parts. Remember that the furniture that you plan to consign should be acceptable by shops and consignees.

You should also keep in mind on the trends of items that sell in the consignment shops in order to pick the right furniture to consign. Shops have customers that have particular standards when it comes to the furniture that they want to purchase. Furniture’s value, usability and comfort at an affordable price are what costumers consider to look for in an item and not just something cheap and useless. The more the item can catch the eye of the buyer the better value it has and the easier it is to sell.

Before consigning the furniture, make sure to take pictures and write a brief description about it. List the brand name and manufacturer of antique furniture that are branded.

After choosing the right furniture to consign and going through the steps stated above, the next one will be to find a consignment store where you will have your furniture consigned. First thing you must consider is the location. Furniture is easier to transport if the stores are nearer to your home. Visit shops in your area to look for the best consignees and ask for information on the consignment process.

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