Office Furniture Consignment

Offices change furniture often even if the furniture they have are still in very good condition. There’s big money in office furniture consignment. Instead of throwing away your used office furniture, you can consign them.

If the company upgrades furniture often, let’s say every year or so then there will be a lot of good furniture that can be consigned. Just as you would do with home furniture the first thing you do is pick the furniture with good quality and free from missing parts and damages. Make an inventory out of all the furniture that you deem sellable. Then list down all the information on these furniture. In offices, there will be a lot of used furniture to consign so it is best to keep a record on all of them. Don’t forget to take pictures. Take measurements and divulge all information about the items that you are selling. Do not hide anything. Also, do not clean the items yourself if you do not have any knowledge. It will only damage the furniture. Leave this cleaning job for the experts to do.

Look for consignment shops that specialize on office furniture. Make sure to get the shop with the best deals or better yet consult an expert since you will be dealing with a lot of office furniture here. Also consider the location of the shop. The nearer the location, the easier it is to transport all the items. Also consider the shops reputation and popularity. This way, your items will be easily sold.

Understand the shops terms and conditions. Same people got nothing from their furniture since they neglected this part. Also know the rules and policy. Consignment shops usually have a 50/50 split of the profit of the furniture and 120 days to sell it. Some shops will allow you to sell it again if it goes unsold for a lower price.

Before bringing in the items, make sure to call the shop for the arrangements to transfer it. You will need a shop that has its own truck if your office is selling a lot of items but if the company has its own truck then you yourself can take the items there. Make sure you will take the items to the shop in a convenient time. Arrange this with the manager and please do bring the furniture in only during store hours.