Consignment Furniture Store: Setting it Up

Opening a consignment furniture store is a very good business especially if you are into interior design and have the passion and knowledge about furniture and antiques. The important thing like any other business, in order to succeed, you’d have to have a great interest in it and dedication. You must love what you do. If you have all these qualities then opening a consignment furniture store is the business for you.

The reselling of used furniture is a booming business and is fast growing. There’s sure money if you just know what to do. Nowadays, the fad is to find used or old furniture and fixing it up to look cool again. The items you can stock range from the usual beds and couches but you may also keep supplies of antiques, paintings and other items for decors to make it interesting.

Besides the love for furniture, you have to have knowledge in appraising the items though you can also hire and expert to find out the value and give you the best price for furniture. The former is better though. Doing it yourself gives you the assurance that you get the right value and you can avoid getting fooled by others. Also, in furniture consignment, there’s no fear of losing your capital compared to other types of businesses. You just have to get the furniture from the house of the consigner and bring it to your shop without paying anything. You will only pay the consigner once the item is sold.

There’s a big market for used furniture and antiques if you just know where to look. When you open a store, it is best that you advertise through radio and newspaper or even billboards if you have the funds. Giving out fliers is also a good way to advertise your shop while holding seminars is useful to inform people about antiques and used furniture. This will also help to spark their interest.

There are some things that you need when starting a furniture consignment store. First, you have to look for a good place. The store should have a big area in order to store all those furnitures and decors so look for a place with a big lot. Second, you need a big vehicle to transfer things. A pick up truck or van will be good. Also, don’t forget to place tags on your items.