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Consignment Furniture: The Real Deal

Are you fond of antiques or used furniture? Does this sound unappealing? But in this recession where furniture costs are going overboard, here’s one solution that you can definitely look into. Mind you, antiques have gone a long way and they will definitely have more life span than the new ones. They are a proven art of time and perfection. Besides that, they could cut you half the cost if interior designing is your style.

The Basics of Consignment Furniture

The acquisition of these antiques can be made through consignment furniture. Ever heard of such word? Well, for starters, consignment furniture is when a person who is willing to sell his furniture allows someone called the consignment store owner to sell the former’s furniture without the latter owning them. Once the furniture sells to a third person called the buyer, the consignment store owner pays directly to the owner of the furniture.

Consignment Furniture: Benefits to the Furniture Owner

Consignment furniture stores are a good way to find great deals. It allows people to visit the furniture store without having them visit your own home and invade into your privacy. You don’t have to do the marketing yourself. Since the consignment store is found in a good location, target customers will just go to the store without any hassles. They in turn, can get a good look and see or touch in person the furniture you are selling. They can decide then and there if they want to buy your furniture or not.

Dealing with consignment stores offers more credibility. Why so? It is because in these types of stores, customers can see for themselves the goods themselves and can see a credible seller who can assist them in the moment of sale. Compared to having them posted online, customers have doubts as to the quality and final delivery aspects of a sale. People are more attracted by what they can see or touch in person than having them put in pictures. This goes the same way for furniture selling. Pictures are not enough. The more a person can sense a thing or object, the more they will be likely to buy it.

Also, a consignment store owner can be able to handle objections immediately and casually. Unlike in online stores, communication may take days before objections are handled effectively. In a consignment shop, you get to communicate effectively and in the fastest time possible.

Consignment Furniture: Advantages to the Consignment Shop

We have dealt with the benefits to the furniture owner, but the system does not stop there. Besides giving the consignment shop some items to sell, what else is in store for these shops? Consignment shops are given the prerogative to return these items to the furniture owner if they do not sell. It gives them the ability to take furniture into their inventory without extra costs. By venturing into the consignment business, you don’t have to get large sums and invest them in goods that have a long time to sell. In case the item won’t sell you can return them without any charges.

It is a known fact that furniture is one of the few goods that really takes time to sell. Why? It is because unlike foods and clothes, they don’t cost just a few bucks or dollars. Besides that furniture are not consumable items which needs immediate replacement. They are bought once in a while and meant to last long before buying another one.
Also, you get to mingle stuffs of different persons into your store. They, in turn, become your advocates in advertising. They tell their co-workers and friends about your consignment store. They give you free advertising or marketing. You don’t have to jack up your marketing strategies that much!

Consignment Furniture: The Perks for the Buyer

If you are a consignment store buyer, better be friends with the store owner. They can tell you when new items are up for grabs. Besides this perk, you have the option to buy furniture at a really low cost. You can save money and have the same aesthetics instituted within your home. You can see and touch and sometimes haggle with the furniture seller. Such is the beauty of consignment furniture for the customer. It really gives you the good deals ever! You can even ask anything you want regarding the item and get your answers as fast as you can. There’s no stopping you from getting information upfront!

A Chance for the Economy

green furnitureIn this time of recession where being thrifty is a must, consignment furniture may just be your answer to the furniture economics. It will help the furniture business to thrive. To go on as they have had before. For more consignment shops to open and create business opportunities to the common people as well as employment opportunities to those who need them. To revolutionize the marketing system and create more avenues by which customers can buy what they really want and need. It also allows people to recycle their surpluses or those that they don’t already need.

Consignment Furniture Forecast and Final Thoughts: A Booming Industry

All because of the advantages that it can cater to the furniture owner, the consignment shop owner, the buyer and even the economy; it will continue to outshine all other furniture businesses. Having things sold for a relatively sold for a cheaper price for the buyer, less expense on the part of the consignment shop owner and the less effort exerted by the furniture owner, there are probabilities for this industry to rise. After all, the economy gives chances to opportunities which will truly benefit everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Engage in furniture consignment! This business venture creates a win-win situation for everyone. It creates opportunities for all. Basically, there’s no loosing end for anyone. Take a dip into consignment furniture dealings. Deal with the nearest local consignment shop. With consignment furniture, designing your home is a fabulous experience!

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Consignment Furniture Shop – Tips for a Great Find

Oh no, my chair broke! Sounds familiar, don’t you think? There have been a lot of chairs breaking. More than this, there has been a lot of furniture breaking. So where do you get to buy that chair of yours? Do you get it from a furniture shop which sells new items or do you get it from a consignment furniture shop? Why don’t you give the consignment furniture shop a chance? Why, do so? We’ll give you reasons to do so.

  1. Consignment furniture shops can give you good deals. They give much less prices than retail shops in shopping malls. If fitting your budget is of great concern, here is where you’ll find what you really need.
  2. They have the finest pre-owned furniture pieces around. The furniture are known antiques which have been around for years and continue to thrive. They are made of the finest quality and utmost aesthetic value there is.
  3. Great finds in a bargain! They have the most unique decorations you can find. You can even haggle for the price!

Buying Tips for a Great Find

Remember that before you find a great deal, it makes a lot of knowing what the deal is all about. So here are a few tips in buying in a consignment furniture shop:

  1. Know where you will use it. Let us say, a chair for example. Is it for the dining table or office space or for your living room?
  2. Ask the shop owner where it was used. Get some background information about the usability of the item.
  3. Find out the material used in the item. Most of the antique items offered in a consignment shop are wood. If it is solid wood, the items would cost relatively higher than other non-wood furniture. But it can withstand through time. You can also refurbish them and give them a new look depending on your aesthetic ideals. You can also opt for laminated wood. Although they are less costly, they are less durable than solid wood counterparts.
  4. There are offers made by consignment shops in the internet. If you happen to find one in a location near you, check first their site before you go. Good information can help you pre-assess what and where to buy your furniture.

Decorating and Re-decorating Using Consignment Furniture

As we all know, furniture can be an expensive venture. If you want to decorate or re-decorate your house with the same quality as branded furniture, then you might consider tightening your budget and go for consignment furniture. Most of these stocks come from factory surpluses or even home-owners who have redecorated their houses or owners who are leaving their former home to migrate elsewhere and don’t want to worry bringing the bulk of their furniture with them.

Furniture Styles that Suit Your Home

Here are Furniture Styles you can have for your perfect home design:

  1. Contemporary – They are made of sleek and usually simple lines. They are the most coveted home designs available nowadays. They are functional pieces often with enigmatic and vibrant colors. Compared to other styles, this significant theme uses more glass and metals than other counterparts. If you like colors, a practical and clean look, what are you waiting for? Say it, with a contemporary set-up!
  2. Traditional – They are often tainted with darker shades and made of wood. Smoothness and graceful lines adorn the furniture. They add the elegance that is often spelled in a traditionally decorated room. If you go for maroons, tans and other classic and elegant colors, then consider this option.
  3. Vintage, Cottage or Shabby Chic Style – They are a combination of lighter hues of furniture, wood materials or even pastels. Know for their comfort ability, cool ambiance and a graceful stance, they are preferred by women. But they can be altered to fit a man’s preferences.

More Tips to Find that Grandeur

If you think this tips aren’t enough, then we’ll give you some more. Here is a purview of what to go for upholstered furniture and wooden ones.

  1. In case of upholstered furniture, try to inspect the structure of the furniture and sit on the cushions. If the cushions do have a beaded or filled with a peanut-like material, then tendency is that they won’t last. Check out also for the smells of the filling, because some smells may only be removed when changing the feelings while others cannot.
  2. If you’re going for wooden furniture, consider their stability and have fewer possibilities for damage. If it is a chair you’re opting to buy, sit on it and move around them. If it is a table you are to consider, lean on it and shake them with your elbows. Dents and watermarks are a sight to look out for. Although they may add aesthetic value to the furniture piece, they may also affect the structure, durability and functionality of the wood. Know what it is when you say that it has “character” from having a mere functionality nuisance.

Finding Furniture Is An Adventure

Looking for good finds is an adventure in itself. But you can’t find great deal without searching and inspecting things on your own. So know how it is to be observant and investigate the items when you’re buying from consignment furniture shop. Simple flaws may not affect the beauty of the furniture but some would do so. For fewer efforts, do find a trusted consignment shop near you. Do check out details for Savvy Snoot, Home Consignment Center, and Consignment Furniture Bay Area or just about any consignment store near you. I’m sure you’ll find one near you!

Remember that an adventure can whisk you away! Everything you do is always worth the effort and the find especially in a consignment furniture shop. Now are your ready to be whisked away by finding great deals? Then what are you waiting for? Eat your heart out at a Consignment Furniture Shop! You might not know, you’re just a few steps away!

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Office Furniture Consignment

Offices change furniture often even if the furniture they have are still in very good condition. There’s big money in office furniture consignment. Instead of throwing away your used office furniture, you can consign them.

If the company upgrades furniture often, let’s say every year or so then there will be a lot of good furniture that can be consigned. Just as you would do with home furniture the first thing you do is pick the furniture with good quality and free from missing parts and damages. Make an inventory out of all the furniture that you deem sellable. Then list down all the information on these furniture. In offices, there will be a lot of used furniture to consign so it is best to keep a record on all of them. Don’t forget to take pictures. Take measurements and divulge all information about the items that you are selling. Do not hide anything. Also, do not clean the items yourself if you do not have any knowledge. It will only damage the furniture. Leave this cleaning job for the experts to do.

Look for consignment shops that specialize on office furniture. Make sure to get the shop with the best deals or better yet consult an expert since you will be dealing with a lot of office furniture here. Also consider the location of the shop. The nearer the location, the easier it is to transport all the items. Also consider the shops reputation and popularity. This way, your items will be easily sold.

Understand the shops terms and conditions. Same people got nothing from their furniture since they neglected this part. Also know the rules and policy. Consignment shops usually have a 50/50 split of the profit of the furniture and 120 days to sell it. Some shops will allow you to sell it again if it goes unsold for a lower price.

Before bringing in the items, make sure to call the shop for the arrangements to transfer it. You will need a shop that has its own truck if your office is selling a lot of items but if the company has its own truck then you yourself can take the items there. Make sure you will take the items to the shop in a convenient time. Arrange this with the manager and please do bring the furniture in only during store hours.

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Home Consignment Furniture

The furniture in our homes get old and outdated and we have to replace them with new ones but it would be a waste to throw away old furniture especially if they are still in very good condition. We can make money out of these old furniture by consigning them.

Choose the used furniture that you plan to sell and that are still in very good condition. If you have antiques then also include them if you have no plans of keeping them. Antiques are very valuable especially if they are in good condition. You could make a good fortune on centuries old furniture.

Make sure that the furniture are free from dirt and scratches and have no missing parts. Consignment shops usually look for furniture that are in almost perfect condition. Do not clean the furniture yourself if you do not know how to. You may end up destroying the furniture. Antiques will lose their value too if restored wrongly. Go to an expert if you have plans to do so.

Once you have chosen the furniture in your home to consign. Take pictures of all the furniture that you want to sell and write all the information. Place a little description about it. Include the brand names if applicable, artist and manufacturers.
The next step is to look for a shop that specializes in home consignment furniture. Make sure that you get the best deal and always read the rules and the agreement between you and the consignee. A lot of consigners got nothing out of the furniture they sold because they didn’t research that well about the store policy. Also consider the shops reputation. Ask around for people who have already consigned furniture in that shop.

Also consider the location of the shop from your home and if they pick up the furniture or you have to bring in the items yourself. The shop that’s nearer your location is easier for you when you yourself will have to transport the item there. Give the store an advance notice when you are going to drop your furniture and make sure that you bring them in during store hours to avoid all the hassles.

The trick in consigning furniture is that you just have to be very careful since you are putting your trust on the hands of another person. Put down everything in writing just to be sure.

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Used Furniture Consignment Tips

There comes a time when we buy new furniture to replace old ones but feel that it would be such a waste to throw the old stuff away. The best solution for this problem is to bring your old furniture to a used furniture consignment shop and make money out of it.

Sort out the furniture that you want to consign. Some furniture that have a lot of damage and missing some parts may not be accepted so separate the ones in good condition from those that are in bad shape. Clean the furniture but make sure to learn the proper cleaning techniques in order not to damage the item. Damage caused to furniture may decrease its value.

Before bringing the items to the shop, it is best to contact the store manager to discuss all the necessary information like the schedule for picking up the items and other special requirements. Let the manager drop by your home to inspect the items to see if they are in good condition. When consigning valuable items, it is up to your judgment to choose the right shop. Make sure that you put everything down on paper so that you don’t have to go through all the hassles.

When you bring your items to the store, make sure that it is at an acceptable time and inform the store in advance that you are going to bring the items in. Some shops may have a waiting list for the space to display your furniture. Ask if there’s a staff that will help you set up and carry your items. When it comes to antiques, do consult an expert before consigning these old valuables.

Take a picture of all your items and list down all the information about it. Tell the store manager anything about the furniture. Give out all information whether it’s good or bad. There should be nothing to hide. If the item is branded, list down the brand name and the manufacturer.

The consignment terms will vary depending on the shop but most stores offer a 50/50 split of the profit from the item and you are usually given 120 days to sell your furniture. Items that have high value or are special are usually given special considerations.

Make sure to talk to the manager about the terms and all so that your will have no problem when consigning your furniture.

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Consignment Furniture Store: Setting it Up

Opening a consignment furniture store is a very good business especially if you are into interior design and have the passion and knowledge about furniture and antiques. The important thing like any other business, in order to succeed, you’d have to have a great interest in it and dedication. You must love what you do. If you have all these qualities then opening a consignment furniture store is the business for you.

The reselling of used furniture is a booming business and is fast growing. There’s sure money if you just know what to do. Nowadays, the fad is to find used or old furniture and fixing it up to look cool again. The items you can stock range from the usual beds and couches but you may also keep supplies of antiques, paintings and other items for decors to make it interesting.

Besides the love for furniture, you have to have knowledge in appraising the items though you can also hire and expert to find out the value and give you the best price for furniture. The former is better though. Doing it yourself gives you the assurance that you get the right value and you can avoid getting fooled by others. Also, in furniture consignment, there’s no fear of losing your capital compared to other types of businesses. You just have to get the furniture from the house of the consigner and bring it to your shop without paying anything. You will only pay the consigner once the item is sold.

There’s a big market for used furniture and antiques if you just know where to look. When you open a store, it is best that you advertise through radio and newspaper or even billboards if you have the funds. Giving out fliers is also a good way to advertise your shop while holding seminars is useful to inform people about antiques and used furniture. This will also help to spark their interest.

There are some things that you need when starting a furniture consignment store. First, you have to look for a good place. The store should have a big area in order to store all those furnitures and decors so look for a place with a big lot. Second, you need a big vehicle to transfer things. A pick up truck or van will be good. Also, don’t forget to place tags on your items.

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Consignment Furniture Business

Going into Consignment Furniture Business

The furniture consignment industry is fast growing that even consignment shops that do not usually sell furniture are adding them on display in their showroom. It’s one of the fastest growing parts of the consignment industry so if you have a passion for interior design and a good eye when it comes to antiques, then a consignment furniture business is the business for you.

Even though you have a big interest in interior design and antiques, it is best to research about the industry and know the ins and outs of it. Read publications and join seminars to get the knowledge you need before you start the business. Study the market in your area.

The first thing you have to do is find the perfect lot or place to put up the store. Make sure that the area is big so that you will have a lot of room for the furniture to be displayed. Also consider the location of the store. Make sure it is a place that is easily accessible and visible to a lot of people. When you find the perfect lot, do not forget to get the necessary items that you will use in the shop. Get some tags and a cash register. Purchase a pick up truck that will serve as your transport vehicle when you get the items from the consigners home. Decorate your shop with something that would make it look attractive. Do not forget to secure a business permit.

When the shop is already all set up, it’s time to search for the furniture and antiques that you will sell in your store. Search around for the best deals of used furniture and antiques. You must also have the knowledge on how to clean them without causing damage since damage can lower an items value.

The good thing about a furniture consignment business is that you do not have to pay anything for the item that you sell so you do not really need that big of a capital and don’t lose anything once the item is not sold. This makes this business good for new entrepreneurs.

Possible people who will be customers of your shop are those that go to antique and furniture stores. Find a way to attract these people to buy from your store. Advertise through publications or radio. You can even get a billboard if you have the budget.

Consignment Furniture Video

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Antique Furniture Consignment: What You Should Know

Through the years we usually buy new furniture to replace the old ones but are left with the question of what to do with the old furniture. The best solution for this is to consign your used and antique furniture. By doing this, you will both earn money and get rid of the clutter in your home. It’s also hassle free since you do not have to open your home to strangers to view the products and there’s no need to advertise nor go through all the difficulties of setting up a yard sale.

In antique furniture consignment, one would be dealing with age old furniture even dating back centuries ago so there are a few things to consider before you start consigning your antique furniture. First of all, you survey all the antique furniture in your home that you plan to consign. Make sure that everything is in very good condition. Over time, some furniture parts have gone missing and others sustain damage due to wear and tear. For example, you have to make sure that a sofa or a bed still has its leg or a painting is free from mildew and torn parts. Remember that the furniture that you plan to consign should be acceptable by shops and consignees.

You should also keep in mind on the trends of items that sell in the consignment shops in order to pick the right furniture to consign. Shops have customers that have particular standards when it comes to the furniture that they want to purchase. Furniture’s value, usability and comfort at an affordable price are what costumers consider to look for in an item and not just something cheap and useless. The more the item can catch the eye of the buyer the better value it has and the easier it is to sell.

Before consigning the furniture, make sure to take pictures and write a brief description about it. List the brand name and manufacturer of antique furniture that are branded.

After choosing the right furniture to consign and going through the steps stated above, the next one will be to find a consignment store where you will have your furniture consigned. First thing you must consider is the location. Furniture is easier to transport if the stores are nearer to your home. Visit shops in your area to look for the best consignees and ask for information on the consignment process.

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